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12 April, 2018

Brewing news USA, NY: Ground Effect Brewing Co. set to open in Hudson sometime this summer

If all goes as planned, Hudson will see its second brewery in three years open this summer, the Worcester Business Journal reported on April 11.

Ground Effect Brewing Co. is set to open in a commercial building at 312 Main St., the site of a former crossfit gym. According to brewer Tim Daley, the brewery and taproom is expected to open sometime in the summer.

The name of the brewery, said the aspiring aviator, is a play on an aviation term and a nod to the farming nature of beermaking.

"Beer seems like an industrial thing with all of the equipment and stainless steel," he said, "but we forget it's a farmed product."

Speaking of stainless steel, the brewery recently received its equipment, which will allow the brewery to produce about 40 barrels per week.

Much of the construction has already been completed. On April 11, workers were installing the complicated plumbing infrastructure necessary for brewing, and electrical work is scheduled next, Daley said.

The brewery was conceived about two years ago when Daley was introduced to owners Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia, co-owners of Northborough-based painting company Aurora Exterior Painting.

Ferlo and Bobolia learned of Daley's brewing knowledge through his girlfriend, who works as a bartender at a local restaurant.

"She introduced us to [Daley] and it just kind of started off as a friendship," Ferlo said. "We got to chat, and we learned about brewing and the science behind how everything is made."

Eventually, the three sat down and hashed out the structure of the business and went through the arduous task of finding a location with the right size.

The group was somewhat concerned about locating just a short walk away from Medusa Brewing Co., but that hesitation gave way once the group sat down to chat with the Medusa team.

"We're looking forward to being neighbors with Medusa," Ferlo said.

Also easing those concerns are the efforts to revitalize downtown Hudson. Main Street and the surrounding area is now pulsing with commerce, including many restaurants, artisan shops, thrift stores and now, two breweries.

"Having two breweries in Hudson will give people more reason to come and check it out," Ferlo said.


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