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19 March, 2022

Barley news EU & UK: Analysts see potential for a slight barley crop rebound in 2022

A small positive piece of news is the potential for a slight production rebound in the EU27+UK in crop 2022 – to 61.1 mln tonnes (up from 59.7 mln tonnes for crop 2021/22), RMI Analytics reported earlier in March.

Weather remains very positive for winter crop development and spring plantings. French planting is 55-60% complete and a good start.

With the war still raging in Ukraine Western Europe will be called upon to supply a disproportionate amount of barley (and wheat) with the elevated uncertainty surrounding the Black Sea region.

Pressure on France to fulfil Black Sea shipment shortfalls is showing up in much higher prices, in both crop 2021 and crop 2022, with old crop leading the way as there is really no volume left to trade.

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