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22 April, 2021

Brewing news Japan: Unable to meet demand, Asahi to suspend sales of canned Super Dry beer

As people have more opportunities to drink alcoholic beverages at home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, each Japanese beer manufacturer has enjoyed robust sales of their canned products, The Japan News reported on April 22.

A typical example of this special demand for household consumption is Asahi Super Dry Nama Jokki Can (Asahi Super Dry Draft Beer Can) by Asahi Breweries Ltd. The beer maker announced on April 21 that it has suspended sales as demand has exceeded initial expectations.

Asahi Breweries had started selling the product nationwide on April 20. The special can allows consumers to enjoy the sensation of drinking a real draft beer with a lot of foam from a mug in the same way they would at eating and drinking establishments.

When the can is opened, bubbles naturally come out. According to the beer maker, a special coating technique has been applied to the inside of the can so that bubbles emerge easily.

Immediately after the product was launched in convenience stores on April 6, there was a shortage of supply, and the company suspended shipments. It put a production system in place and started selling the product at supermarkets and other retailers on Tuesday, but the production of the special cans cannot keep up with the mounting demand, the company said.

On April 13, Suntory Beer Ltd. started selling the zero-sugar Perfect Suntory Beer product that is intended to meet consumers’ health needs. Five days after the launch, the sales volume was about 30% higher than it had anticipated.

In late March, Kirin Brewery Co. began selling cans of Spring Valley Hojun 496, a product that had been sold mainly at dining establishments. The product contains four kinds of hops, which influence the beer’s aroma and bitterness, giving it a distinctive flavor.

The launches of such canned products are part of beer makers’ efforts to attract consumers amid mounting demand for alcoholic drinks that are consumed at home.


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