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25 September, 2020

Barley news World: Malting barley availability seems to be fully assured

World grain markets are firmer than a month ago, a major price rise happened in the last days of August. One exception is barley, though: Black Sea offers are aggressive and dominate world markets. Barley export markets for China – France, Canada, Argentina, Ukraine - trade at premium levels, disadvantaged Australia at exceptionally low prices, H. M. Gauger GmbH reported earlier this month.

In many markets there is a distinct lack of farmers’ sales, disturbing trade and industry, and driving up prices (not for feed barley yet).

In world markets availability of malting barley seems to be fully assured, although neither the Canadian nor all southern hemisphere crops are harvested yet. The EU disposes of a good surplus. China has covered its annual demand of approximately 3.5 mln tonnes till the end of 2020, a major part of it from Australia before the introduction of the penalty tax. Following the exclusion of Australian barley Argentina, Canada and France sold more malting, FAQ and feed barley to China to fill the (Australian) gap. Most likely Brazil and Mexico will have a sizeable demand of overseas imports as well, the Gauger analysts believe.


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