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05 May, 2022

Brewing news The Netherlands: Beer consumption recovers to pre-pandemic levels in the first months of this year

Netherlands residents' beer consumption recovered to pre-pandemic levels in the first months of this year, according to the industry association Nederlandse Brouwers. The beer-drinking in the catering industry was still below par, but home consumption made up for that, reports.

Compared to 2019, catering businesses sold 7.7 percent less beer during the first quarter, but beer sales for home consumption increased by 6.5 percent.

"In the catering industry, clear peaks were seen on beautiful warm days in February and March and during Carnival," the brewers said.

Beer sales in the catering industry also spiked once restaurants, bars, and other catering businesses were allowed to reopen fully in March. Home consumption also dropped when that happened.

The association is also optimistic about the second quarter, after the warm spring weather in April and the return of the tourists.

Developments in the rest of the year depend on several issues, the association said.

“Consumer confidence is at an all-time low, the hospitality sector is suffering from major staff shortages, raw material prices are rising and inflation remains high,” the association said. “And the beer sector does not want to see tax increases because that will only make beer more expensive.”

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