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09 June, 2018

Brewing news Canada, ON: Jobsite Brewing Co. expected to open to public within next month

Expected to open to the public within the next month, Jobsite Brewing Co. is set to become the fourth craft beer brewing company in Stratford, Ontario, the Beacon Herald reported on June 9.

The new company will be located on the former Pounder Brothers building on Cambria Street and right behind local craft distillery Junction 56.

Jobsite was created by Stratford residents and former construction workers – therefore the company’s name – Phil Buhler and Dave Oldenburger.

They say their goal is to make the site a place where both craft beer aficionados and those just getting into the trend can sit, have a beer and enjoy themselves.

“We want to be a comfortable place where people just would like to come for a casual drink and just relax,” Oldenburger said.

“We have never been interested in the sale side of it; we just would like to see people feel free to come here and see them enjoy the product.”

Buhler even said they don’t have plans to try to sell their beers at the LCBO. Instead, they want to keep it all local.

“That’s not an interest of us at all,” he said. “We are really hoping we can sell most of it right here, and if we get a little ahead maybe some restaurants in town.”

To up their business’ atmosphere and offerings, their site, which Buhler and Oldenburger have refurbished themselves, will also include a wood-fired pizza oven.

Long-time beer enthusiasts, Buhler and Oldenburger began thinking about creating the company after completing a craft beer tour back in 2016.

They say it took them about a year to develop their business plan. And in October of last year, they both quit their construction jobs to dedicate full-time to their new dream.

With a total investment that well surpasses the $250,000 mark, the company will have the capacity to produce approximately 1,600 litres of beer a week.

Buhler and Oldenburger have also spent the better part of the last year tweaking their recipes and the company will launch with four basic flavours – a stout, an India Pale Ale, a cream ale and an amber.

“We are not really trying to get into high craft beer,” Buhler said. “We want to keep (the beers) entry level for everyone, so anyone who comes can enjoy them.”

And when asked about the drastic change in profession, Oldenburger simply said the only thing that really changed for them was the final product.

“We have always had a passion for building buildings, and now we are just changing our tools and focusing that passion towards making beer,” he said.

“Different tools, same passion.”


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