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19 April, 2018

Barley news World: Barley shipments by seven largest exporters amounted to 21.6 mln tonnes by end of March

Barley shipments of the seven largest exporters amounted to 21.6 mln tonnes from the beginning of the season till end of March, H. M. Gauger GmbH said in their latest report.

The IGC forecasts total exports of 29 mln tonnes for the crop year.

Trade has been active in March. China imported 620,000 tonnes barley, of which 500,000 tonnes from Australia and 120,000 tonnes from Canada. Imports for the calendar year stand at 1.06 mln tonnes, 42% less than a year ago. The share of China’s malting barley imports looks large: Canada shipped 1 mln tonnes since August 2017, and Australian shippers predict exports of 3.3 to 3.5 mln tonnes from crop 2017/18. China also imported 1.12 mln tonnes of sorghum, virtually all from the U.S., which are under the threat of import sanctions in the future.

Saudi Arabia purchased 1.02 mln tonnes in a recent tender for arrival 15 May till 15 June. Prices range from USD 238.50 to 257.00 CNF. Extension clauses facilitate shipments of new crop barley against penalties. Total Saudi Arabia barley imports for 2017/18 are 8.005 mln tonnes. A reduction to 7.5 mln tonnes of imports is planned for 2018/19; barley is replaced more and more by compound feed.

Other barley trade includes 3.0 mln tonnes to four North African countries and strongly increasing quantities to Iran and Turkey.


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