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02 December, 2021

Barley news Canada: Barley production down 35.3% in 2021

Canadian farmers produced more corn for grain but less wheat, canola, barley, soybeans and oats in 2021 compared with 2020. Lower yields were driven largely by drought conditions in Western Canada, which resulted in lower production, Discover Westman reported on December 3.

Despite favorable spring seeding conditions across most of Canada, extremely hot and dry weather impacted crop development during the growing season in Western Canada. In Eastern Canada, temperatures were near normal throughout much of the growing season, with sufficient moisture in Southern Ontario and the Atlantic provinces, while much of Quebec faced dry conditions.

Barley production fell 35.3% to 6.9 million tonnes in 2021. While harvested area rose (+6.9% to 7.4 million acres), yields fell (-39.5% to 43.0 bushels per acre) because of dry conditions in Western Canada.

Total wheat production fell 38.5% to 21.7 million tonnes in 2021, because of lower production in the Prairies. Yields (-33.3% to 34.8 bushels per acre) and harvested area (-7.7% to 22.8 million acres) were both down from 2020.

Canola production decreased by 35.4% nationally to 12.6 million tonnes in 2021, as the drought in Western Canada resulted in the lowest yield since 2007. Yields decreased by 40.2% to 25.0 bushels per acre, offsetting higher harvested area (+8.2% to 22.3 million acres).

Nationally, the total corn for grain production rose 3.1% to 14.0 million tonnes in 2021. Harvested area fell 1.3% to 3.4 million acres, while yields rose 4.4% to 160.2 bushels per acre.

Soybean production decreased by 1.4% nationally to 6.3 million tonnes in 2021. A 5.6% decrease in yields offset a 4.5% increase in harvested area. Lower national production was largely driven by lower yields in Manitoba, owing to drought conditions throughout the growing season.

Total oat production decreased by 43.0% nationally to 2.6 million tonnes, on lower harvested areas (-15.4% to 2.7 million acres) and lower yields (-32.6% to 61.5 bushels per acre).


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