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02 April, 2020

Brewing news South Korea: Hite Jinro’s new low-malt beer FiLite enjoying soaring popularity

Hite Jinro is enjoying soaring popularity with its low-malt beer FiLite from consumers who prefer to drink at home, the company said on April 2.

Ever since the company launched FiLite in 2017 the company has continued to release new variations of the sparkling liquor such as FiLite Fresh in 2018 and FiLite WEIZEN in 2019 in order to offer various flavors to beer lovers.

"FiLite is sold in a 355 millilitre can, 500 milliner can and a 1.6 litre plastic bottle at retail stores and convenience stores nationwide. It has been drawing popularity among people who prefer to drink at home or are solo drinkers," the company said.

FiLite is made with 100 percent aroma hops and local malted barley. Offering carbonated flavors, FiLite has been expanding the country's low-malt beer market.

The accumulated sales of FiLite surpassed 700 million cans in October 2019, about two years and six months after its release. "As of February 2019, the sales mark surpassed 500 million total cans and we have sold 200 million cans in only seven months," it said.

Data shows FiLite has been consistently popular this year as well. According to information from the Seven Eleven convenience store chain, sales of the 500 millilitre FiLite can from March 10 to 22 increased by 18.9 percent from the same period in 2019.

To boost the sales of the beer product, Hite Jinro launched a new television commercial in January. With its slogan "unbelievably surprising freshness," the brewer is intensifying marketing activities featuring the cute and colorful elephant chacter, FiLi.

"In the diversified alcohol market here, we have been implementing a 'character-centered' marketing strategy to improve brand preference for our products," Oh Sung-taek, Hite Jinro's senior marketing executive, said.


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