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03 December, 2022

Barley news EU-27 & UK: Barley supply & demand forecast mostly unchanged

The combined EU-27 and UK barley supply and demand forecast remains mostly unchanged, with production at 58.37 mln tonnes, RMI Analytics said in their early December report.

Within this production is a reasonable supply of quality malting barley which is favourable for covering brewing and distilling demand.

Lower proteins in Denmark have created strong demand from continental Europe for UK barley where interest remains in the market. Crop conditions for French winter barley are very good at this stage under favourable growing conditions with above normal temperatures and good moisture conditions.

Europe, including the UK, appears to be in a good place with sufficient barley quality available and end-users appear reasonably well-covered for the next campaign despite still, some regular requests for offers. The final total barley demand for 2023 remains somewhat an unknown with inflation, etc., but if sales volumes remain strong, there is current supply to meet these needs.


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