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28 February, 2021

Brewing news Italy: Peroni introduces new non-alcoholic Nastro Azurro Zero

Italian brewing giant Peroni has expanded its Nastro Azurro range to include a new non-alcoholic premium beer, Nastro Azurro Zero, ESM reported on February 26.

It preserves the unmistakable taste of Nastro Azurro, which is dry and refreshing with a delicate bitter note imparted by fine aromatic hops.

Nastro Azurro is one of the most popular exports among Italian beer brands, the company added.

The distinctive ingredient in the product is Mais Nostrano (Nostrano Corn), an indigenous variety of corn grown in Italy, which gives Nastro Azurro its unique, balanced and recognisable taste.

The fermentation process is carried out at a higher temperature (22-23°C) and using a special yeast strain that ferments only simple sugars, producing zero alcohol.

The zero alcohol beer targets consumers who want to enjoy the unique, dry and refreshing taste of Nastro Azurro even when they cannot drink alcohol.

Nastro Azurro Zero, produced at Birra Peroni's Bari plant in Italy, is available in supermarkets and the HoReCa channel in Italy, in a modern, attractive and distinctive packaging.


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