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28 February, 2021

Brewing news USA, OH: Two longtime friends launch Old Capitol Brewing in Chillicothe

And despite the pandemic, two longtime friends who started a business venture in the Central Ohio community of Chillicothe have gone from brewing craft beer in their garage to making their dream a reality with Old Capitol Brewing, the News 13 Orlando reported on February 26.

And despite the pandemic, they've gone from brewing craft beer in their garage to making their dream a reality with Old Capitol Brewing.

“We imagined that there'd be a lot of people walking in, you know, who have never experienced craft before, and we wanted to make it easy for them,” said Justin Park, the co-owner of Old Capitol Brewing.

Park said filling up another beer flight is just a labor of love, and after just weeks into his new venture, the risk has been well worth the reward.

“And of course going through our minds the entire time is, you know, how is this all going to be received? And the reception we got our first weekend was amazing,” said Park.

On this day, Park's business partner and longtime friend Seth Blewitt carefully adds hops, as the beer starts to boil, adding to more flavor and aroma. He calls that craft “El Hefe.”

It's a long way from crafting and brewing from his garage to the friendly confines of downtown Chillicothe.

“There's definitely moments where you realize, wow, how far we've come. Our moment, we definitely shared a hug and said, 'We've done it, man.' It really feels great,” said co-owner Seth Blewitt.

And so does the stamp of approval from Chillicothe's mayor.

“Come downtown, grab a drink, shop — just a lot going on right now. I give credit to all these entrepreneurs — people just really putting their energy into the community. It's special to see,” said Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney.

Park and Blewitt also have full-time jobs and families, but said they'll always make time to give back to the local community. Not only seeking out brewing ingredients and partners, but also supplying grain for local farmers.

“The nutrients and proteins left in the grain are very beneficial for dairy cows. It helps them produce more milk, and they also love the taste of it,” said Park.

So whether it's tapping a new keg or experimenting with a new recipe, even paying homage to those who came before them, both Chillicothe natives say they'll take it in stride, and they look forward to what the future brings in Ohio's first capital city.

“And this is for you guys, so come on in and enjoy,” said Blewitt.

Old Capitol Brewing is located at 79 N Paint St. in Chillicothe.


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