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23 January, 2021

Brewing news Belize: New locally made beer launched in Belize

A new locally made beer, from Belize’s sugar district, will soon be hitting the shelves of retail stores countrywide. The new lager is being brewed in Carmelita, Orange Walk, and is the creation of three Chinese businessmen who aim to provide goods and services to a local market. As a result, Pirate Beer is now one of the only two beers being produced by Caribbean International Brewery and sold in Belize’s domestic market, Amandala.com.bz reported on January 17.

According to the Deputy Manager of Caribbean International Brewing (CIB), Nelsie Campos, the lager is comparable to Lighthouse Beer, in the sense that it is a light-coloured beer with a low concentration of hops. Campos also stated that the water used to brew Pirate beer is collected from personally dug, deep-ground wells and that the ingredients are mainly imported.

While Caribbean International has been heavily promoting Pirate beer within the country and aims to make the beer available countrywide, Campos has confirmed that they do intend to obtain most of their revenue through exportation of the lager to foreign markets. Initially, Pirate beer was only available in Corozal and Orange Walk; however, shipments have now been sent throughout the country.

The main challenge being faced by Caribbean International Brewing at this time is the difficulty it faces in launching a proper marketing strategy amid the ceaseless COVID-19 restrictions. It is hoped, however, that the introduction of this new product in the local market, and its exportation overseas, will build the country’s economy and increase employment “directly and indirectly.”

Pirate beer is sold for BZ$2.50 a bottle and contains 250ml per bottle with an alcohol content of 4.3%.


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