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Rye Malt Whisky 맥주 레시피

균형잡히고풍부한타바코느낌, 숯오크그리고스파이시호밀의버터스카치그리고페퍼같은매운맛. 호밀위스키는부드러운메이플과달달한체리느낌을무게감있으면서복잡하면서균형잡히면서, 향미프로파일을제공합니다.
적절한사과와꿀의호밀스파이스를완벽하게제공합니다. 호밀위스키는자두와마멀레이드스파이스와과일향미를줍니다.
호밀위스키는오크배럴에서10년간숙성됩니다. 오크숙성은바닐라느낌과함께호밀의부드러움을주며구별되며맛있는부드러움을제공합니다.

Château Whisky 25 kg
Château Rye 6 kg

Safwhisky M-1 70 g
Mashing temperature
Step1: Mashing
-Mash in 75 liters of water at 65°C
-Rest at 63°C for 75 minutes
-Rest at 72°C for 25 minutes

Step 2: Filtration
Separate the wort from the spent grain at 78°C
Step 3: Boiling (optional)
Duration: 10 min
Step 4: Cooling 22°C
Step 5: Fermentation
Step 6: Distillation

This recipe is provided by Castle Malting®. Please note that this recipe is just a guideline allowing you to add a personal touch to your beer. Please note that some modifications may be required to meet the specific technological conditions of the brewery defined by equipment, water etc.
For further information & service please contact: info@castlemalting.com
Brewing is an experiment! Brew your own beer!
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