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Blond Belga

Enter beer volume: Liters
100 Liters = 1 hl = 0.852 Barrels = 303 Bottles (x 0.33 Liters) *
  Exact quantity   Adjusted quantity **
CHÂTEAU PILSEN 2RS® 3-3.5 EBC 17.600 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU MELANO® 75-85 EBC 3.300 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU BISCUIT® 45-55 EBC 1.100 kg 25 kg
SAAZ 0.070 kg 5 kg
SAFALE T-58 (500G) 0.065 kg 0.5 kg
COENTRO (EM GRÃOS) (1KG) 0.100 kg 1 kg

pdf Impressão

* 100 Liters = 1 hl = 0.852 Barrels = 303 Bottles (x 0.33 Liters)
** Ajusted according with minimal packaged quantity for selected product

Note: All products calculated above for this beer recipe could be added to ordering cart - that is an convenient only. You can modify order before final sending to our staff. Ordering from this point has no any promise or guarantee that all the ordered products are available in our stocks. Product quantity could be modified up to a minimal quantity per bag or box, depends of available package. Be in contact with our logistics and let they to confirm the exact order.

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