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1. General
These conditions apply to all our sales. The customer shall with each order placed be fully bound by these Standard Conditions and accordingly the customer’s Standard Conditions shall not apply unless expressly agreed in writing by Castle Malting. Castle Malting® reserves the right to require additional guaranties from the customer in the case of a change of the financial status and in particular of solvency of the customer, failing which Castle Malting® may cancel any order placed by the customer. INCOTERMS (2010 edition) shall insofar as relevant apply to international sales.

2. Claims
Any claims made by the customer shall not affect the customer’s obligation to settle any invoice on its due date. Where any goods delivered to the customer are defective of unsuitable, Castle Malting® shall be liable only to replace the defective or unsuitable goods.

3. Prices and Delivery Periods
The prices and the delivery periods are stipulated in the contract concluded between the customer and Castle Malting.

4. Payment
Our invoices shall be payable on the due date expressly provided for in the contract concluded between the customer and Castle Malting. Any unpaid invoice at due date produces, without preliminary formal demand, an interest of minimum 1.5 % interest of delay per month and implies automatically a 15 % rise with a € 125 minimum, in conformity with the fixed and conventional reparation of damages. Furthermore, Castle Malting® will have the possibility to cancel the not yet executed orders or to require a pre-payment. The customer will cover all expenses, resulting from a quotation in covering of the owed sum in front of the competent court.
Method of payment
You may pay by bank transfer, Mastercard, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, American Express (AMEX) and PayPal.
Please ensure if you are using a credit card that you provide the card holder's name as it is shown on the card. Payment will be taken in Euros, and if applicable, your card will be charged according to the exchange rate at that time.
There might be some exceptions where certain payment methods won't be available. They will simply not be available to select.

5. Title to Goods
Title of the goods shall not pass to the customer until effective payment in full of the contract price has been made. Where a claim for recovery of the goods has been made and the contact cancelled, Castle Malting® may demand payment by way of damages of any loss in value of the goods recovered.

6. Termination
If the customer failures to comply with any of these obligations and the formal notice of Castle Malting® sent to the customer remains vain during ten days after the date of sending of the formal notice, Castle Malting® may terminate the contract with immediate effect.

7. Force Majeure
Any event outside the control of Castle Malting, and in particular any industrial action, operational accident or problem relating to the transportation of supply of raw materials, or any fire, flood, breakdown or freezing-up of machinery shall be deemed to be an event of force majeure. Where the event is such as to cause only temporary disturbance, the contract shall be suspended only for the duration of the event.

8. Dispute
The fact for the customer not to have received our general conditions in its mother tongue does not exempt him from their application. In case of dispute between parties, it is expressly agreed to attribute the exclusive competence to the courts of Verviers, Belgium, as well for the national as international sales. Any dispute between the customer and Castle Malting® is exclusively settled according to the Belgian law.

9. Loss Adjustments
Any delay in payment will result in a compensation for loss adjustments to the amount of EUR 40, in addition to a compensation for losses due to late payment (article L.441-6, al 12 of Code of Commerce).

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