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13 February, 2018

Brewing news USA, OK: Broken Arrow Brewing Company expects to open sometime in March

A few Broken Arrow boys are brewing up history, soon to be opening up the first brewery in the city of Broken Arrow, kjrh.com reported on February 12.

The building on Dallas Street built back in 1906 has Broken Arrow bleeding through it.

An old power plant run down, these guys put their blood, sweat, and beers in it to create the Broken Arrow Brewing Company.

Head brewer, Austin Ferguson, started on the idea with his father-in-law and now partner, Bud.

Bud has been home-brewing for more than 30 years, and Ferguson started to impress Bud's daughter, who is now his wife.

The two, plus partner Jason Northern, made their vision of seven years a reality.

They will be a five barrel brew house producing about 40 barrels a month.

The plan to start out with traditional style beers like kettle sours, New England IPA's, and eventually brew barrel aged beers.

They've tested their recipes several times making sure they're unique and have a community feel to the names.

"Kind of look over recipes, make sure that what we’re doing doesn’t have too many redundancies or over-hoppy," said Northern.

Both Ferguson and Northern were laid off from their jobs back before Christmas. They took the news as a sign to pour all their time and effort into doing what they love.

"It has to be one of my biggest passions, I love the science behind it and I love teaching people. Most people they love beer, they drink beer, they know a lot about it but they have no idea how it’s made," said Ferguson.

After a few months the guys plan to distribute their products to other businesses in the Rose District and Tulsa area.

They're also going to host tours inside the building.

The Broken Arrow Brewing Company expects to open doors sometime in March.


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