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09 November, 2017

Brewing news USA, NY: In-Law Brewing Company to hold its grand opening event on November 11

A new Chase Mills brewery run by two brothers-in-law will offer a dozen different beers during a grand opening event on Saturday, November 11 that also will feature music and the King Taco food truck, the Daily Courier-Observer reported on November 9.

The aptly named In-Law Brewing Company is located at 5868 County Road 14 and is owned and operated by Justin Tredo and Brent Bishop. Mr. Bishop is married to Mr. Tredo’s sister, and the pair began brewing with Mr. Tredo’s father several years ago.

“My dad has always home brewed and we always used to help him out. Brent ended up moving up here a few years ago from Syracuse with my sister, and my dad started home brewing again, so we started home brewing with him,” Mr. Tredo said. “We got to be pretty interested in it so we moved the operation up here to get a little more control over it.”

“We were doing small batches, and it was fun and it was a hobby, but then I was like, ‘This beer is really good and we want to do more,’” Mr. Bishop said. “We needed to take control and do it bigger and more organized.”

Brewing beer quickly became more than a hobby for the pair, and their quantity and quality began to rise.

“Batches kept getting bigger and bigger,” Mr. Tredo said.

“The beer kept getting better and better,” Mr. Bishop added.

Soon, the operation was moved to Mr. Bishop’s barn, which used to operate as a small-engine repair shop. Ever since, the in-laws have been testing different combinations to develop their products.

“Each batch, we try to tweak the grain or the hops or the yeast. It is a learning process,” Mr. Tredo said.

“I can’t count the number of gallons of beer we have donated to people just for feedback,” Mr. Bishop said. “We got a lot of feedback from friends and family and other beer drinkers about what they liked about our beer, what they didn’t like about it, things they would change.”

In-Law Brewing’s grand opening will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, November 11 at the brewery’s address. The brewery’s normal hours are 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday and 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday. Mr. Bishop said he hopes to expand distribution in the next couple of months.

“We are working on outreach to get into stores as well as on tap in some local restaurants and bars,” he said. “We don’t have those specifics yet, but we have interest from a variety of places.”

When asked what motivated them to keep pursuing their beer-making interests, there was a long pause before a simple answer was offered.

“Good beer makes me happy,” Mr. Bishop said with a laugh.

“It’s just something we get excited about. There are so many different kinds, so many different beers you can do,” Mr. Tredo said.

Mr. Bishop said part of the draw for him was the ever-changing landscape of craft beer and the new ideas that are infiltrating the industry.

“It’s not traditional, but there are different things that are happening with beer now,” he said. “The creativity that is out there goes against purity law, but it is interesting and people are doing some really cool stuff with beer.”

Mr. Tredo said he enjoys the physical aspect of the work.

“It is hands-on. I sit behind a desk all day. That is my usual job, so I am more of a hands-on kind of guy,” he said.

Above all, Mr. Bishop said, he enjoys showing others that there is more to beer than some people know. After converting Mr. Tredo from Busch Light to a wider variety of brews, he said, the pair believes there is much room for growth in exposing people to new tastes.

“I think what I like about this is we have been able to take nontraditional beer drinkers and have them experience beer in a different way than they have before,” Mr. Bishop said.

The Massena Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at In-Law Brewing Company at noon Saturday, and veterans will receive $1 off all beer in honor of Veterans Day.


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