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Castle Malting® announces the launch of NEW caramel malts!

Castle Malting Team is happy to announce the launch of 6 new varieties of caramel malts that are available on our website!

Cara Belga gives a golden hue to beers and subtle hints of caramel. It strengthens the typical flavors of Belgian craft beers.
Wort color: 30-35 EBC/ 11.8-13.7 Lovibond

Cara Ambra gives a reddish hue to beers and hints of caramel, toffee and bread.
Wort color: 60-80 EBC/ 23.1 -30.5 Lovibond

Cara Aroma gives beers a dark amber to coppery hue. It brings intense caramel and malty flavors with notes of biscuit.
Wort color: 80-100 EBC/ 30.5-38.1 Lovibond

Cara Crystal gives a dark amber to deep copper hue. It brings intense aromas of caramel, malt and biscuit.
Wort color: 140-160 EBC/ 53.0-60.6 Lovibond

Cara Terra gives the beer a copper-brown hue. It brings intense flavors of caramel, toffee and bread, as well as notes of nuts. It contributes to a fuller body.
Wort color: 170-220 EBC/ 64.3-83.1 Lovibond

Cara Cafe gives a brown hue to beers. It brings intense flavors of dark caramel, roasted nuts, and dried fruit.
Wort color: 350-450 EBC/ 131.8-169. Lovibond

Cara Ambra, Cara Aroma and Cara Crystal intensify the beer’s body, and promote head formation and retention.

All these malts are available in stock now. Feel free to add them to your next order!

Publicat: 22/06/2020

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