Castle Malting, your partner for quality malts
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Founded in 1868, Castle Malting®® is the oldest malting company in Belgium and one of the oldest family–run malting companies in the world.

Highly efficient and successfully combining traditional and modern expertise, our company produces a full range of base and specialty malts, applying the best practices for minimizing the environmental impact of our production process.

A successful combination of the traditional malting process of over nine days with revolutionary malt roasting technologies guarantees the premium quality of all our products.

Our range includes standard and customized malt as per the customer’s specifications, peated malts in a full range of phenol intensities for brewing and distilling, as well as a full range of organic malts for any type of beer or whisky a creative brewer or distiller may think of.

Owing to a revolutionary malt roasting technology developed and implemented by our company, we are happy to offer you a full range of caramel and roasted malts with exceptional taste and aroma properties.

Moreover, Castle Malting® offers comprehensive services to its customers by supplying a full range of other beer and whisky ingredients and providing technical support by Belgian brewing experts.

Discover the malts that make the world-famous Belgian beers unique!

Consult our website for any information you may need and never hesitate to contact us with any additional question or request!