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14 September, 2022

Brewing news India & Oman: Goa-based microbrewery Latambarcem Brewers enters Oman market

Goa-based microbrewery Latambarcem Brewers (LB Brewers) has announced its entry into Oman market with a plan to sell around 50,000 cases this fiscal year, the Newsdrum reported on September 13.

The craft brewer, set up in 2017, also makes non-alcoholic beverages such as premium iced-teas, kombucha and zero-sugar seltzers.

"We are entering into global markets to sell our craft beer. We have appointed a distributor in Oman for marketing of our premium craft beer brand Maka Di," said Ishan Varshnei, co-founder and CEO) of LB Brewers.

The demand for beer is huge in Oman, especially from NRI (Non Resident Indian) population, he said.

"We are targeting to sell 50,000 cases this financial year itself with an estimated revenue of Rs 2 crore," Varshnei said.

After studying the consumption patterns and taste profiles of Omani population, the company is launching two new specially curated craft beers for the Oman market.

"Being a bespoke and premium craft beer brand based out of India, we are extremely inquisitive and excited to see the response that we can generate from a regulated and controlled alcohol market such as Oman. Considering our popularity in the Indian marketplace, we are expecting a tremendous initial response from the large Indian population residing in Oman," he said.

Beer is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks right after whisky in Oman. With over six months of the year being summer, beer plays a vital role in terms of annual alcohol consumption, stated Anita, distributor from Oman.

Oman is a regulated market and advertisements of alcohols are not permitted, she said.

"Despite the difficulties we face as distributors, we still manage to ensure that our consumers can get all information possible on every new brand that we launch into the market" said Anita.

LB Brewers plans to expand its overseas presence and is exploring to enter three more countries, including those in the Gulf region.

In Indian market, LB Brewers is selling its both products craft beers and functional beverages across major cities.

Recently, the company partnered with Haldiram's to market its iced-teas 'Borécha Icey'.

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