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21 June, 2022

Hops news Germany: Hailstorm hits hop crop in southern Hallertau

In the late afternoon of June 20, 2022, a big hailstorm hit the southern part of the Hallertau. For the time being, the industry expects that approximately 1,000 ha of hops are affected. Damages vary significantly from hop garden to hop garden and range between 5 % and 100 %, HVG reported on June 21.

The grower-owned cooperative expects the heavily affected area to amount to at least 200 ha. They say they cannot quantify the total damage yet. However, they do not expect any influence on the market.
Apart from this, hops in all hop growing regions are developing well, HVG said. Some varieties have already reached the trellis’ height, the others will follow soon. There have not been any major problems with pests and diseases. The development phase which is crucial for yield and quality is yet to come.

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