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19 June, 2022

Barley news World: World still has enough grains and oilseeds, but concentrated in favourable climatic zones

The world still has enough grains and oilseeds, but concentrated in the favourable climatic zones of the world, while unavailable and unaffordable in parts of Africa and Asia, H. M. Gauger GmbH said in their latest report earlier in June.

War in Ukraine, a heat wave in India, detrimental weather conditions in parts of Europe and North America have affected markets strongly in recent months and have led to severe warnings of worldwide famines. Luckily there are still unused production and usage reserves: acres in Eastern Europe and South America, better yields (GM AND CRISPR breeding), less usage for industrial purposes incl. ethanol and diesel. Less usage for meat is not a world trend though, the analysts said.

Consumption of grains and oilseeds has risen permanently over the past years. China imports approximately 100 mln tonnes of soybeans and 30 tonnes of grains per year. North Africa and the Mideast register annual increases of their import needs. The WHO saves the poor of this world by buying and distributing large and still growing quantities of food. Many countries have lowered import duties to unburden domestic food markets. But there are also large exporters, who charge export duties or restrict exports of grains, edible oils and fertilizer in order to protect their own markets. The worst is the Russian war on Ukraine, where crops and transport facilities are intentionally destroyed.

The war, the corona pandemic, climate change, lack of energy are the main reasons for the present worst price inflation since years. Tight commodity markets will not disappear overnight, the Gauger experts warned.

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