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22 October, 2021

Brewing news USA, TX: Primal Brewing Company looking to launch in Brownwood by end of 2021

The newest business venture to be included in downtown Brownwood’s revitalization is the Primal Brewing Company, which will be located at 200 N. Fisk with an estimated opening date by the end of 2021, the Brownwood News reported on October 20.

The Primal Brewing Company originated in Baird in 2018, but is making the move to Brownwood because, “Two and a half years later, I’ve outgrown where I’m at,” said owner Carl Price.

The decision to relocate to Brownwood came after a few visits to the downtown area.

“I supply beer to Pioneer Tap House and one day Micah Jaynes stopped me when I was delivering beer and asked me if I ever thought about moving the brewery and it had never crossed my mind,” Price said. “The City of Brownwood really reached out and wanted me to come here and I did. It was neat to be a part of it and watch how they do the festivals where they block the roads off and people walk from place to place. Being a part of downtown and watching it grow, meeting the people I’ve met and hearing the stories and seeing it for myself, just how much Brownwood is wanting to bring businesses in, that was a big deciding factor.”

As for determining the new location for the Primal Brewing Company, Price said, “The City went around and showed me a few buildings, then Chris and Missy Ryan had this building and a friend of mine reached out to me and said I needed to contact them. I met with them and 30 minutes later we’re having a beer over at Pioneer celebrating and their leasing this building to me.”

Renovations are currently ongoing at the property, which will include new windows, a lounge, and the brewing system will be one of the first things patrons see as soon as they walk in the door.

“I’m focusing on the brewing side of it, getting all my equipment down here,” Price said. “They furnished the location, they are putting in new windows that are coming in next week, and the brewing system will be here when you walk in.”

Price reflected on how the Primal Brewing Company became a reality.

“I had never brewed a day before in my life and in 2017 I decided to order a home brew kit and decided to give it a go,” Price said. “A year later, I was operating heavy equipment for the City of Abilene and daycare was more expensive than what I was making, so I quit my job to stay home with my daughter and had to do something I could include her in. I ordered the home brew kit and brewed one extract recipe and then I started making up my own recipes and experimenting. I set up at a couple of festivals before I started, handed out some free samples, got some good feedback from people who were backing me on everything and decided I should open up a brewery.”

As for what sets the Primal Brewing Company apart from others, Price said. “The unique styles of different beers, the flavors. I’m not afraid to experiment. My No.1 selling beer is my pickle beer. It’s really put me out there. I make 30-plus beers with unique flavors and different styles. I take into consideration what people want.”

Currently Price has three beers available at Pioneer Tap House – the aforementioned pickle beer, What’s the Big Dill?, along with White Chocolate Haze and Sexy Beach Seltzer.

“I did the Best Little Brew Fest this past week in Lewisville and out of 40 breweries I had the longest line and had other breweries coming up to me,” Price said. “Marty Turco, the goalie for the Dallas Stars, he has a brewery in Canada and he was set up at this brew fest. His father-in-law came and talked to me and they want to sit down with me and help me get established up there as far as getting my beer in different places. I’m on tap right now in Abilene, Big Spring, San Angelo, Brownwood, Gatesville and Fort Worth.”

Regarding the long-term plans for Primal Brewing Company, Price said, “From the start I’ve always wanted to provide a comfortable place for people to go. It’s a family atmosphere, kids are welcome, pets are welcome. I wanted it to be a place where people can gather and visit and just hang out. In the long run, I still want to operate my tap room but I want to get really big into distribution, be distributing all over the state of Texas and maybe some day outside the state. I’m just trying to build a foundation for my daughter to carry on if she wants to.”


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