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13 September, 2021

Barley news World: Barley prices still edging upwards but markets have calmed down a bit

The impact of reduced crops and the resulting lower ending stocks continues to support barley prices, RMI Analytics reported earlier in September.

Canada remains effectively out of the market due to the dire crop situation. In direct response to the tightening supply of malting barley quality globally, the other major barley origins have prices drifting higher as well.

France prices remain well supported as destinations like China must find replacement for Canadian barley with limited options available.

Argentine prices are up slightly in a quiet market, while Australian prices are catching up slightly but clearly remain the cheapest source of malting barley globally.

Prices are moving upwards but the market has calmed down slightly in the past two weeks. The analysts believe the trend will continue but only to a degree, in light of improving beer sales volumes. Malting barley demand is expected to remain strong as the pandemic recovery continues.

Feed barley prices are stable as the harvest period creates the cyclical increase in stock availability. The main market focus has shifted totally toward malting barley, including malting premiums which continue to widen.


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