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26 April, 2021

Brewing news Australia: Full strength beer the preferred category for Australians who drink beer

New data from Roy Morgan’s Alcohol Consumption Report shows full strength beer is the preferred ‘amber fluid’ for Australians who drink beer, B&T reported on April 25.

Over a third of all Australians aged 18-plus, 6,277,000 (34.6 per cent), drink beer in an average four weeks including at least one of the three varieties of full strength, mid strength and low alcohol beer – second only to wine as the alcoholic drink of choice for Australians (covered in detail here: Number of Australians drinking alcohol in 2020 increases).

Nearly a third of Australians aged 18-plus (30.2 per cent) consumed full strength beer in an average four weeks in 2020, down 3.1 per cent points from 2019 (33.3 per cent). This is not surprising as the pandemic hit the hospitality industry heavily and kept many pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants closed for an extended period. In Victoria most drinking establishments were closed for at least six months and some have closed permanently.

In comparison only 8.6 per cent of Australians consumed mid-strength beer (down 2.2 per cent points on 2019) and just 2.8 per cent (down 1.1 per cent points) had low alcohol beer in an average four weeks during 2020.

Men are the main consumers of beer with over half (52.4 per cent) consuming beer in 2020 compared to only 17.5 per cent of women. The ratio is very similar for full strength beer with nearly half of men, 45.9 per cent, consuming full strength beer in 2020 compared to only 15.2 per cent of women.

Less than one-in-seven men (13.9 per cent) drink mid strength beer and only 4.6 per cent drink low alcohol beer. Even fewer women (3.5 per cent) drink mid strength beer and just 1.1 per cent of women drink low alcohol beer.

The findings are from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey, Australia’s most trusted and comprehensive consumer survey, derived from in-depth interviews with 50,000 Australians each year.

Full strength beer is heavily preferred by Australian beer drinkers of all ages – and especially those aged 18-49. Over a third of 18-24yr olds (33.9 per cent), 25-34yr olds (34.2 per cent) and a third of 35-49yr olds (33.3 per cent) drink full strength beer. Only around a quarter (25.7 per cent) of Australians aged 50-plus drink full-strength beer.

Perhaps more mindful of protecting their health Australians aged 50-plus are more likely to drink mid strength beer (9.4 per cent) and low alcohol beer (3.9 per cent) than any of the younger age groups.


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