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20 September, 2020

Brewing news USA, OH: Clag Brewing Co. already open in Sandusky

The proprietors of Clag Brewing Co. drafted top talent to help put Sandusky on the map for craft beer, the Sandusky Register reported on September 19.

Kha Khet, along with his business partners, invested about $1.2 million to start Clag Brewing Co. on Columbus Avenue inside Small City Taphouse.

“It has been my dream for years to open a brewery and make excellent beer here in Sandusky,” Khet said.

Clag recruited Kevin Kowalski, who has years of experience brewing craft beer, as the head brewer.

“Kevin is producing world-class beer,” Khet said.

Clag hopes to add craft beer to the growing list of reasons why people travel to Sandusky.

“We want to create a craft beer identity for Sandusky,” Kowalski said. “It has all of these attractions that draw in tourists. There’s no reason it can’t become a beer destination, too.”

“Our goal is to put Sandusky on the map for brewing,” Khet added.

Khet said it was tough to open the brewery in May in the middle of a pandemic since people are still hesitant to go out.

But he said the people who have tasted one of the 16 beers they produce all reacted positively.

“People are really into the beer. They say ‘it’s the best,’” Khet said. “If you don’t believe me, you can come down and try it yourself.

Kowalski said their India Pale Ales, better known as IPAs, are their most popular beer types.

They plan to send kegs of their beers to other bars, and there are plans to expand the brewery farther.

But for the time being, Khet said they’re focused on making good beer and raising Sandusky’s stature in the craft beer world.


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