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12 July, 2019

Brewing news The Philippines: Craft Beers Association responds to post on ‘unsafe’ brews

A group representing the Philippine craft beer producers has responded to a viral post that is urging the public to “stay away from all local craft beer and spirits”, ABS-CBN News reported on July 9.

The post has been copied and pasted on Facebook by many Filipinos, citing the recent report of methanol poisoning from a local gin called Cosmic Carabao.

“Stay away from ALL local craft beer and spirits. Jess Milner is currently confined in the hospital for having drank #CarabaoGin. She has currently gone blind in her left eye and there are more reported cases of death upon consumption of these products. Locally crafted spirits do not go through any FDA regulations. Pls be aware before ordering cocktails!” the post read, unedited.

In a Facebook advisory on July 9, the Craft Beer Association of the Philippines (CBAP) made it clear that methanol only occurs during the distillation process, which produces spirits.

This, the group stressed, is different from brewing or fermentation, the process involving the production of beer.

“We, the members of the Craft Beers Association of the Philippines (CBAP), would like to clarify this distinction in response to a sweeping post in the social media… without specifying how beer is involved in the situation, and what instances occurred that would justify the call for a total ban,” the advisory read, unedited.

“CBAP’s members strive to create delicious, artisanal beers that would appeal to all beer drinkers. We want to continue working with the general public and with regulatory bodies with regard to transparency and industry growth,” it added.

CBAP went on to encourage the public to reach out to them if they have questions regarding the processes and safeguards in brewing beer.

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered the seizure of all Cosmic Carabao gin products in the market after its samples were found to contain high levels of methanol.

It also reiterated that Cosmic Carabao gin has no certificate of product registration, reminding consumers to be wary of alcoholic drinks that “do not have labels, poorly printed labels, or have broken seals.”

Signs of methanol poisoning include headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, hyperventilation, feeling of breathlessness and, in severe cases, blindness, the FDA said.


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