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Join Castle Malting® at Fermentis Academy Seminar Session in Tallinn, Estonia!

Castle Malting is happy to be a part of and kindly invites you to the Fermentis Academy Seminar Session in Tallinn, Estonia. The event will take place on Thursday, April the 4th, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm in Humalakoda craft brewery and pub, which translates as “little house of hops” in English, located in the vicinity of the picturesque Tallinn Old Town. The seminar is jointly organized by Fermentis and our official distributor in Estonia: Pruulmeistrid, which means “brewmasters” in Estonian.

Our brewer and brewing expert, Bartosz Guzinski, will join three Fermentis experts in conducting a full day of training covering hot topics of yeast and malt interplay during the brewing process. Our expert’s presentation will focus on how to unleash the full potential of base and specialty malts and optimize the mashing process. He will be delighted to answer comprehensively all your questions, on how to make the most of CHÂTEAU® malts. Fermentis presentations will emphasize on their E2U™ yeasts, their new products for wheat beers, lager yeast selection, and fermentation management issues. Culminating, the event will feature a presentation on the interactions of yeast, hops and malt in hoppy hazy beers, accompanied by a tasting session!

The event‘s language will be English.

Registration is required entailing a fee of 10€, which, apart from being an entry ticket, entitles you to a free lunch.
Access to register now!

More about Fermentis Academy is available on
Access and for more on Pruulmeistrid and Humalakoda.

Follow the venue of the event on Instagram now!

Published: 02/04/2024
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