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Imperial Stout Beer recipe
Original gravity: 19o Plato
Alcohol: 6.5 %
Colour: 65 EBC
Bitterness: 28 EBU
Extremely dark brown in color with flavors that are intensely malty, deeply roasted with accents of dark fruit (raisin, fig) and chocolate. The bitterness is typically low to moderate.
Castle Malting S.A.,
94 rue de Mons,
7970 Beloeil, Belgium
T:  +32 (0) 87 66 20 95 info@castlemalting.com www.castlemalting.com
INGREDIENTS /100 litres

Château Pilsen 2RS 15 kg
Château Cara Ruby® 2.5 kg
Château Roasted Barley 0.5 kg
Château Chocolat 2 kg
Château Abbey 5 kg

East Kent Golding Pellets 42 g
Saaz 30 g

SafAle S-04 65 g

Brown Sugar (Cassonade) 10 kg
Mashing temperature
Step1: Mashing
-Mash in at 62°C , adjust the pH of the mash to 5.4 , rest for 45 minutes
-Rest at 72°C for 15 minutes
-Rest at 78°C for 2 minutes
Step 2: Boiling
Duration: 70 minutes
-add hop East Kent Golding Pellets at the beginning of boiling
-10 minutes before the end of boiling add Saaz in Pellets and Brown Sugar (Cassonade)
Step 3: Cooling down to 24°C
Step 4 : Fermentation Ferment at 25°C with the recommended yeast as above
Step 5: Lagering
Mature during 2 weeks at 3°C

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