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Barley Wine 맥주 레시피
Original gravity: 1.080 - 1.120o PL
Alcohol: 8 - 12%
Colour: 24 - 48 EBC
Bitterness: 35 - 70 IBU

상온발효와최소 8% 그리고최대 12%의강력한알코올함량.와인같이강하기때문에이것을발리와인(Barley Wine)이라고부릅니다; 그러나이것은과일이아닌곡물로만든맥주입니다. 이것을서빙할때는아로마가모아지는특별한글라스를사용하시기바랍니다. 디저트에최고입니다.

Château Pilsen 2RS 22.75 kg / hl
Château Melano 3.25 kg / hl
Château Cara Ruby® 1.6 kg / hl
Château Abbey® 4.9 kg / hl

Nugget 125 g / hl
Tettnang 125 g / hl

Safbrew S-33 80 g / hl
Mashing temperature
Step1: Mashing
-Mash 32.5 kg of malt in 75 liters of water at 63°C
-Mix 80 minutes at 63°C
-Increase the temperature to 78°C and rest during 2 minutes
Step 2: Filtration
Separate the wort from the spent grain at 78°C
Step 4: Whirlpool After boiling, set the wort in the whirlpool for 5 minutes, rest during 25 minutes.
Step 3: Boiling
-Duration: 1h 40 min; The volume of wort declines by 8 - 10%
-After 15 min add the bitter hop Nugget; after 95 min - the aroma hop Tettnang
-The wort must have a density of 24° Pl at the end of the boiling stage. In order to achieve the necessary density, add sugar.
Step 5: Cooling at 23°C
Step 6: Fermentation Add the dry yeast to the cooled wort at 23°C

This recipe is provided by Castle Malting®. Please note that this recipe is just a guideline allowing you to add a personal touch to your beer. Please note that some modifications may be required to meet the specific technological conditions of the brewery defined by equipment, water etc.
For further information & service please contact: info@castlemalting.com
Brewing is an experiment! Brew your own beer!
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