Castle Malting: Beer recipe Belgian Dark Abbey Beer
Belgian Dark Abbey Beer Beer recipe
Original gravity: 13 - 14 o PL
Alcohol: 8.5 - 9%
Colour: 55- 65 EBC
Bitterness: 25- 30 IBU
A beer of character with a rich sweet malt flavour and a well-balanced taste. Leaves a subtle aftertaste of burnt wood.
INGREDIENTS / HL (1 hectolitre = 100 litres)

Château Pilsen 2RS 9 kg / hl
Château Pale Ale 9 kg / hl
Château Cara Blond® 5.5 kg / hl
Château Crystal® 4 kg / hl
Château Chocolat 0.5 kg / hl

Tradition 50 g / hl
Tettnang 25 g / hl

SafAle T-58 50- 80 g / hl
Mashing temperature
Step 1: Mashing
Mash at 65oC for 60 minutes
Rest at 72oC for 15 minutes
Rest at 78oC for 2 minutes
Step 2: Filtration
Separate the wort from the spent grain with water at 75-78°C
Step 3: Boiling
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
The volume of wort declines by 8 - 10%
After 15 minutes add Tradition;
After 85 minutes add Tettnanger spices and sugar if necessary.
*Spices option: Coriander (1g/hl) and cinnamon (4g/hl)
**Spices option: Dark candy sugar (0.5kg/hl)
Step 4: Fermentation
Start at 20oC, raise the temperature to 22oC, allow the dyacetil to rest for 24 hours at the end of fermentation prior to yeast removal.
Step 5: Lagering minimum 2 weeks at 4oC
This recipe is provided by Castle Malting®. Please note that this recipe is just a guideline allowing you to add a personal touch to your beer. Please note that some modifications may be required to meet the specific technological conditions of the brewery defined by equipment, water etc.
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