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08 January, 2018

Brewing news Japan: Suntory Beer makes public its business strategy for 2018

Suntory Beer Limited said in its Business Strategy report published on January 10 it “will continue to pursue high-quality, good flavor with all earnestness in 2018, while also taking on the challenge of innovation including the generation of new contact points with consumers”.

According to the company, the total market for the beer category in Japan* in 2017 is estimated to have shrunk about 2% from the previous year. Under these circumstances, Suntory Beer Limited had total sales of 71.51 million cases (including non-alcoholic beer-type beverages) (on par with the previous year), as the sales volume surpassed the market size. Sales of the beer category, excluding non-alcoholic beer-type beverages, totaled 64.69 million cases (on par with the previous year), surpassing the results of the previous year.

The total market for the beer category in Japan and the beer market in Japan excluding non-alcoholic beer-type beverages are both forecast to shrink by about 2% in 2018. Suntory said it would continue to focus its marketing activities on the three core brands of The Premium Malt’s, Kin-Mugi, and All-Free this year to stimulate new demand and provide added impetus to the beer market. Additionally, the company will develop its Itadaki brand to secure a solid position in the new genre of high alcohol content beverages. Suntory Beer Limited’s goal is to sell 72.20 million cases (up 1% year-on-year) with the aim of selling 65.20 million cases (up 1% year-on-year) in the beer category.


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