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28 December, 2017

Barley news Australia: Barley crop expected to total around 8 mln tonnes in 2017/18

In 2016/17, Australia had harvested 13.414 mln tonnes of barley, a record crop favoured by ideal weather conditions, H. M. Gauger GmbH reported on December 5.

Exports were 9.465 mln tonnes, of which 6.092 mln tonnes of feed, 2.7 mln tonnes of malting and 0.674 mln tonnes of malt (in grain equivalent).

ABARES crop forecast for the new crop is 7.990 mln tonnes, 40% less than last year. Conditions had been fair in Western Australia, but too dry in winter and spring in the south and east of the country. Now the harvest in the east is impacted by continuous rains and storms, with a bad effect on yields and qualities. Harvest progress is reported to be 70-80% in the west, but only 50-60 % in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. According to analysts, the selection of M1 malting barley will drop to low levels, private estimates are around 1 mln tonnes. Traders‘ crop estimates had been up to 9.0 mln tonnes a few weeks ago, but the ABARES estimate looks more likely now.

Crop comparison by states (in 100 tonnes, last year in brackets): Queensland 125 (300), New South Wales 1.185 (2.697), Victoria 2.050 (3.200), South Australia 1.650 (3.000), Western Australia 2.963 (4.200).


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